Kitchen Design

Obviously, there can be thousands of ways to design a kitchen. But I am going to tell you that how you can play with white colour for the kitchen décor as White kitchens are in trend.

  • Coloured Stools and Appliances: White kitchen can best be complimented with yellow or red stools/chairs. They will add appeal as well as modern and chic look to your white kitchen theme.
  • Colored Cabinets and Walls: White kitchen does not mean that everything should be white in it. Colors mean life so add some life to your cooking area. Light blue or light brown cabinets are good options to contrast with all white kitchens. Going further beyond, walls can be painted in some beautiful colors like light pink (all-time women’s favorite) for airy and spacious feel.

Bathroom Design

Many people décor their home with all the trendy and tempting colours but get restricted when it comes to the bathroom. Why? This is the 21st century, and it is the time to decorate your bathroom as much as you do your rooms.

  • Wallpaper Theme: Wallpaper is one of many ideas to create an eye-catching statement wall. Wallpapers come in thousands of colors, textures, designs, and patterns. The choice is yours.

Mirror Wall: Decorating a bathroom wall with all mirrors will just wow the people. Mirrors and mirrors with different sizes and shapes are enough to bring fantasy to your bathroom. You can also write captions on mirrors just to entertain guests and visitors, e.g. YOU, ARE LOOKING SO BEAUTIFUL, YOU WILL ROCK TODAY, etc.